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Small Business Saturday: Celebrating Local Ventures and Learning Math Through Entrepreneurship

Updated: Nov 21

As the holiday season unfolds, we embrace the spirit of community and celebrate the heartbeat of our local economies on Small Business Saturday on November 25. Originating in 2010, this annual event shines a spotlight on the unique contributions of small businesses and encourages us to support our local ventures. Among these proud small businesses stands Project Board Game, the creator of JUICE, a groundbreaking board game that not only teaches math but does so through the lens of entrepreneurship.

Small Business Saturday: A Brief History

Small Business Saturday, established by American Express in response to the economic downturn in 2010, has evolved into a nationwide movement. Falling between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this day encourages consumers to shift their focus to local businesses, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the diverse offerings of small enterprises. It's a day to discover hidden gems in our neighborhoods, support local entrepreneurs, and recognize the impact of small businesses on our communities.

Project Board Game: A Proud Small Business

At the heart of Project Board Game lies the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and a commitment to transforming education. As a small business, we understand the challenges and triumphs that come with the territory. We celebrate Small Business Saturday not only as an opportunity for economic support but also as a reminder of the vibrant tapestry of local businesses that make our communities unique.

JUICE: Teaching Math Through Entrepreneurship

Our first board game, JUICE, is a testament to our commitment to education and small business. JUICE doesn't just teach math; it integrates the principles of entrepreneurship into an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. In this game, players embark on a journey to own the most lemonade stands in the city, making every move a lesson in strategic decision-making, resource management, and basic math skills.

Why Kids Should Learn Entrepreneurship at a Young Age

Introducing entrepreneurship to children at a young age is an investment in their future. The context of applicable math lessons within the realm of entrepreneurship not only makes learning more engaging but also imparts valuable life skills. Applicable math, in this context, refers to the practical use of mathematical concepts in real-life situations, fostering a deeper understanding of how math is intertwined with everyday activities.

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Small Business Ownership and Applicable Math

1. Grocery Store Math:

Take your child grocery shopping and involve them in activities like comparing prices, calculating discounts, and estimating the total cost of items. This hands-on experience instills basic math skills while demonstrating the practical applications of math in daily life.

2. Bake Sale Bonanza:

Organize a small bake sale at home, allowing your child to take charge. They can determine the cost of ingredients, set prices for their baked goods, and handle transactions. This not only introduces them to basic business concepts but also reinforces math skills through measurements and calculations.

3. Lemonade Stand Economics:

Similar to JUICE, set up a lemonade stand with your child. Let them decide on the pricing, manage the budget for supplies, and track the sales. This activity provides a hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, teaching applicable math skills in a fun and interactive way.

4. DIY Crafts for Sale:

Encourage your child's creativity by engaging in arts and crafts projects. Once they've created a few items, discuss the pricing strategy, calculate costs, and explore how profit is generated. This activity not only enhances math skills but also nurtures creativity and resourcefulness.

5. Money Management Games:

Introduce games that involve money management, such as board games or apps that simulate running a business. These activities teach financial literacy, decision-making, and basic math skills in a playful setting.

Learning Through Small Business Ventures

As we celebrate Small Business Saturday, let us recognize the immense potential for education within the realm of entrepreneurship. Project Board Game, as a proud small business, believes in the power of learning through play. By integrating applicable math lessons into activities that mirror real-life scenarios, we equip children with the skills and knowledge needed for a future where small businesses continue to thrive.

This Small Business Saturday, let's not only support local ventures but also empower the next generation through creative and applicable learning experiences. Whether through JUICE Math Core Concepts or engaging real-life activities, let the celebration of small businesses become a gateway to a world where entrepreneurship and math education go hand in hand. Happy Small Business Saturday!

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