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Project Board Game is an educational board game publishing organization located in Fresno, California and was founded by Yasmine Creese-Brown. PBG develops, creates, produces, and distributes educational board games for kids of all ages. As a social enterprise, we employ a BOGO operational framework. In other words, we follow the business model, "You Buy One, We Give One." When a customer buys a board game, we donate a board game to a child locally or internationally.

Our first game, "Juice Game," was created in 2019 and fully completed in 2020. Juice is a math tabletop roll-and-move board game aimed at making the concept of learning math fun. It's perfectly crafted for game night among family and friends.

About Us

We are currently partnered with The Fresno School of Mission. We sold our first batch of board games to a local church in Fresno, CA. Their generous purchase helped us donate 40 games to Pastor Mvwala Katching at Mennonite Brethren Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Under Dr. Nzash Lumeya's lead, The Fresno School of Mission has identified five other international churches that will accept our next board game donations as future missionary efforts. Since 2021, we've donated about 100 games combined both locally (Fresno) and internationally (Congo).

Giving Back



Our mission is to create and distribute board games to children in need worldwide, specifically through missionary partnerships. Our vision is to make learning fun, mobilized, and accessible.

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