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A Letter For You

As a new parent myself, I'm extending a warm welcome to you and your family. I hope this letter finds you well rested, entertained, with tons of self-care involved. But I have a question, how many times did you pull out your phone today for entertainment? I'm guilty too. It's no secret that entertainment is naturally evolving with time. But as we become more technologically advanced, so do our kids. Is that really a bad thing? Maybe not. However, most parents would probably rather see their kids open a book or pull out a board game. But is that what we're doing? Are "we," the collective parents, setting a great example for our kids? Millenional parenthood looks a little different than the baby boomers, and so naturally, gen-z play time is starting to look different too. So what do we do about screen time? For the most part, physical toys spark imagination, whereas video games on our phones are an extension of someone else's imagination. Physical toys encourage social interaction, whereas video games can be isolating and socially debilitating. As a parent, I believe it's healthy to set boundaries around how much time we spend on our phone (social media, youtube, etc) and start lifting our heads up and play interactive educational games with our kids. I'm hoping that JUICE can serve as a wonderful distraction for both you and your family.

With love,


All About Me

Yasmine Creese-Brown was the first born of 3 in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Albany, NY.  She moved to California when she was 13. Yasmine went to middle school and high school in sunny Fresno, California and graduated in the top 10% of her class. Once it was time to leave the nest, she went off to attend American University in the Washington D.C. area and graduated with a B.S. in Accounting. In order to gain a better sense of her career aspirations, she joined a pre-professional development program that exposed her to opportunities on wall street and main street. Once she graduated from American University, she went straight into banking and worked for HSBC bank, where she obtained the Series 7 and 63, also known as the General Securities Representative Exam. Soon after, she landed a Hedge Fund Accounting position and accounted for 12 portfolios, which had a net asset value of around $1.5 billion. It didn’t take long for Yasmine to realize that there weren’t many women who looked like her in the finance industry. Discouraged but not quite ready to call it quits on Wall Street, Yasmine took on a position at the same non-profit that helped her break into banking. Over the past 4 years she’s helped hundreds of students strengthen their interview skills and refine their career goals to land their dream job after graduating college. Although her career has changed, her love for math has not. She’s always considered the challenges of math to be fun and found a way to incorporate it into a board game that parents can enjoy with their kids.


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